“Apolitics”, “Anti-politics”, “Non-political Politics” and “Sub-politics” as Threats and Challenges

Miloš Havelka


This paper focuses on explaining “the disappearance of politics” from public space roughly a quarter century after the Velvet Revolution. From the perspective of the history of ideas it clarifies several terms, such as “apolitics”, “anti-politics”, “non-political politics” and “sub-politics,” all of which are often used interchangeably in the contemporary Czech political discourse. It outlines the different origins and development of these terms, and how they have been applied in the past. It also shows the relationship between these terms and the issue of forming “civil society”, as well as their role in “party democracy” and their current presence in the execution of political power in post-Communist countries.

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Czech Republic; political sociology; political parties; anti-politics; non-political politics; apolitics; sub-politics

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