Call for Papers: The Future of Work


The journal Sociální studia / Social Studies is announcing a call for papers for a monothematic issue with the working title The future of work. The editors of the issue are Nicole Horáková Hirschlerová and Beatrice Chromková Manea (Ostrava University and Masaryk University).

The issue covers and analyzes the meaning of work both in the past and today in an era of new technological opportunities and artificial intelligence. The issue aims to bring together papers from different countries and different scientific fields (e.g. sociology, economics, social policies, etc.) focusing on work and its meaning in post-modern societies.

The focus of concern is directed towards the empirical and theoretical debates related to the meaning of work nowadays as the definition of work established since the nineteenth century and still widely accepted today needs to be challenged. The future of work is characterized by a shift towards individualization, changing values and norms, and the pervasive influence of technology. As these trends continue to unfold, such studies will play a crucial role in examining and understanding the social implications of these transformations on individuals, organizations, and society as a whole.

The monothematic issue "The Future of Work" offers authors the opportunity to submit studies dealing with the various facets of work and its changes on the micro- or/and macro-level. We welcome articles that focus on the following issues: lifelong learning as an important key element of work; transition process (school-to-work, work-to-work, work-to-retiring); what “good work” is; the shift towards more individualized work arrangements such as remote work and gig economy jobs and how they affect individuals and their values; work norms and values; work identity in the context of evolving work structures; the challenges of Industry 4.0 and AI.

We are interested in case studies that deal with and analyze concrete processes of change, as well as in quantitative studies that place the topics mentioned above at the center of their investigation.


Abstracts should be sent to the journal address ( More detailed information is available on request. The deadline for abstract submission is 29th February 2024, full papers are expected by 10th September 2024.

Výzva k zasílání návrhů monotematických čísel


Výzva k zasílání návrhů monotematických čísel

Časopis Sociální studia / Social Studies vyhlašuje Výzvu k zasílání návrhů na dvě monotematická čísla. Čísla budou vydána v roce 2025 a každé z nich bude zaměřeno na konkrétní téma. Editory čísel budou hostující editoři společně se současnými editory časopisu.

Call for Issues


Call for thematic issues

The journal Sociální studia / Social Studies is announcing a Call for two guest-edited thematic issues. The issues will be published 2025 and each issue will focus on a specific topic. The issues will be edited by a team of guest editors together with the editors of Sociální studia / Social Studies.