The Iconography of the Mexico City Metro

Monika Brenišínová


This article is dedicated to the iconography of the Mexico City metro. The aim is to present the unique picture signage and interpret it within the history of Mexico and its capital. The article approaches the metro signage as a form of symbolic communication. It gradually introduces each of the metro icons and interprets them in terms of Erwin Panofsky‘s iconology. These classical methods of art history enable not only the description of Mexico City metro signage but also the interpretation of it in the context of important economic, social and historical events of the country. In order to make the text comprehensible, I have divided it into four chapters (namely, The Aztec Empire, The Colonial Period, The Generation of Liberators and Founders, and The Modern Era). In conclusion, the article claims that the metro signage provides insight into Mexican history. However, it also shows that the Mexico City Metro should be viewed as a showcase of the Mexican state and its power.

Klíčová slova

iconography; iconology; Mexico City; metro; history

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