The Social Production of Age, Space and Exclusion: Towards a More Theory‑Driven Understanding of Spatial Exclusion Mechanisms in Later Life

Community and Space in Social Exclusion in Later Life


Gerontology has for a long time been described as “data rich, but theory poor”. This
is true for the study of spatial exclusion, too: in a recent scoping review on old‑age exclusion, Walsh
and his colleagues called for more theoretical work in the field of spatial exclusion. To answer this call,
our article sketches out a heuristic model of an “ageing, space and exclusion” triangle, mainly based upon
Lefebvrian thoughts. We applied our model to interpret the political concept of “Age Friendly Cities
and Communities” (AFCC), promoted by the World Health Organization, and its practices worldwide.
Some concluding remarks suggest further steps in improving this theoretical perspective.

Klíčová slova:
ageing in place; age‑friendliness; Henri Lefebvre; definition of space; social exclusion

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