Jiří Faimon, Jindřich Štelcl, Svatava Kubešová


The chemical elimination of "lampflora" (mosses and algae growing around lights in caves) by hydrogen peroxide was studied. A threshold peroxide concentration in cave environment was found to be 15 vol. %. Such peroxide solution slightly attacks limestoneand sinter surface. Therefore, it is strongly recommended an adding of few limestone fragments into peroxide ten hours before application in order to reach a preliminary saturation with respect to calcite.

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Faimon, J., Štelcl, J., & Kubešová, S. (2016). CHEMICKÁ ELIMINACE "LAMPENFLÓRY" V JESKYNNÍCH SYSTÉMECH. Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku, 8. Získáno z

Klíčová slova

dissolution; hydrogen peroxide; kinetics; limestone; sinter

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