David Buriánek


Several dolomitic marble lenses were found at the western margin of the metadiorite subzone in the central basic belt of the Brno Massif. Phase relations and mineral compositions indicate two metamorphic events in surrounding amphibolites. Thermometric estimations indicate metamorphic conditions of early metamorphism in epidote amphibolite facies conditions (for 6 kbar T = 650 - 690 °C) and later in greenschist facies conditions. Mineral assemblages in marbles: Tr + Cal ± Chl ± Qtz and Tr + Dol ± Chl indicate metamorphism only in greenschist facies. Tremolite formed throuhg metasomatic reactions of SiO2-rich hydrothermal fluids with dolomite in centre of marbles boudins. This process is related to tectonic deformation of pure dolomitic marbles during metamorphism in greenschist facies.

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Buriánek, D. (2016). MRAMORY V METADIORITOVÉ SUBZÓNĚ BRNĚNSKÉHO MASIVU. Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku, 8. Získáno z

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BrnoMassif; marbles; amphibolites; metasomatic reactions

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