Jan Hradecký, Tomáš Pánek, Roman Duras


Culmination part of the Moravskoslezské Beskydy Mts in the area of outcrops of rocks of the Silesian unit is marked with vast gravitational disintegration connected with the rise of trenches, counter slope scarps and the following development of landslides, debris flows and rock avalanches. In the culmination part of Smrk Mt (1276 m) crossasymmetrical trench was identified having the direction correspondent with topolineaments identified by means of digital elevation model. Geophysical sounding using the methods of symmetric resistivity sounding, vertical electric sounding and shallow seismic refraction proved the existence of a zone of reduced concentration in the depth of minimum 40 m. The rise of the trench indicates probably lateral spreading of the whole massif of Smrk Mt which induced the presence of tectonic faults, erosion unloading at the development of deep fault gap valleys of Čeladenka and Ostravice Rivers and sinking of rigid sandstone of middle member of Godula formation into plastic layers of slightly rhythmical flysch of lower member of Godula formation.

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Hradecký, J., Pánek, T., & Duras, R. (2016). MORFOLOGICKÉ A GEOFYZIKÁLNÍ PROJEVY EXTENZE VE VRCHOLOVÉ PARTII SMRKU (1276 M) V MORAVSKOSLEZSKÝCH BESKYDECH. Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku, 12. Získáno z

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Silesian Unit; deep seated gravitational slope deformations; lateral spreading, geophysics; geomorphology; digital elevation model

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