Vlivy chemického ošetřování vozovky na kvalitu podzemní vody

Pavel Ondráček


The two-time groundwater sampling from domestic wells located in Dolni Studenky and Sudkov villages was realized for the impact specification of used de-icing chemicals. The increasing of conductivity and chlorides concentration was registered in groundwater after the winter road salting up to the distance 7–8 m from the roadside. As it was calculated from the amount of used de-icing material and rainfall, 23 % of chlorides were transported into the groundwater and no increasing of sodium concentrations was detected.

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Ondráček, P. (2016). Vlivy chemického ošetřování vozovky na kvalitu podzemní vody. Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku, 13. Získáno z https://journals.muni.cz/gvms/article/view/4877

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groundwater; road de-icing; conductivity; sodium chloride

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