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The article presents information concerning a geological setting of the driven part of a highway tunnel at Klimkovice which was set going in May 2008. Even though a geological documentation of the stope was focused mainly on technological aspects of the tunnel construction, a set of collected data enabled an interpretation of geological setting of Hradec-Kyjovice beds of Culm crossed by tunnel structure in considerable detail. Along the whole length of stope of both tunnel tubes (865 and 875 m long respectively) and tunnel junctions a total of 2007 readings of bedding angles and 1909 angle readings at joint systems and dislocations was taken and processed. A geological map and sections along axes of tunnel tubes and junctions were compiled. Facies development along particular tunnel tubes was compared using division of the tunnel routing on fragments based on point and contour diagrams of structural data measured.

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Svatuška, M. (2016). GEOLOGICKÉ POMĚRY TUNELU KLIMKOVICE. Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku, 16. Získáno z

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Moravian-Silesian Paleozoic; culm; lithology; tectonic deformations; contoured and poles diagrams

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Stach, J. – Svatuška, M.– Pavlík, I.– Vižďa, P. (2007): Závěrečná zpráva o geologickém a geotechnickém sledu ražby tunelu. Monitoring vlivů stavby tunel Klimkovice. Dálnice D47, stavba D 4707 Bílovec – Ostrava, Rudná, SO/PS 601.11, GEOtest Brno, a.s. Brno.