Václav Tejnecký, Pavel Šamonil, Luboš Borůvka, Ondřej Drábek, Barbora Šebková, David Janík, Antonín Nikodem, Ondřej Šebek


The study is focused on changes of Fe and Al behaviour in naturally developing fir–beech forest Razula (Western Carpathians) with respect to time – in the scope of pedogenic processes. Soil samples from 14 different windthrow sites, of known age (19–192 years), were tested. Samples were taken from five depths from three parts of the windthrow – pit, mound and undisturbed part as a control. Exchangeable (“ free”), oxalate extractable and dithionate-citrate extractable forms of Al and Fe were measured. It was found that contents of Fe and Al forms significantly differed with respect to age and location (pit, mound and control). Moreover, Fe and Al forms also significantly differed in disturbed and undisturbed parts of the windthrow.

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Tejnecký, V., Šamonil, P., Borůvka, L., Drábek, O., Šebková, B., Janík, D., Nikodem, A., & Šebek, O. (2016). ZMĚNY FOREM Fe A Al V RÁMCI PEDOGENEZE VÝVRATIŠŤ V PŘIROZENĚ SE VYVÍJEJÍCÍM JEDLO-BUKOVÉM PRALESE. Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku, 17(1-2). Získáno z

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windthrow; iron and aluminium forms; forest soils

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