PalAeogeography and Stratigraphy of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (Czech Republic) – An Overview



Palaeogeographically, the area of the present day Bohemian Cretaceous Basin (BCB) formed a narrow Seaway between the North Sea Basin and the Tethys Ocean during the Late Cretaceous. The BCB together with adjacent Brannau-Regensburg Basin (Danubian Cretaceous Group) in Bavaria were a part of the peri-Tethyan shelf zone and contain a record of recurrent warm-temperate faunal assemblages with several incursions of Boreal fauna. The distribution of the coarse siliciclastic sediments demonstrate a significant control of stratigraphic architecture by tectonic activity and spatially variable sediment supply during the lifetime of the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin. Intra-basinal correlations of the BCB are based on application of both, non-biostratigraphic and biostratigraphic or eventostratigraphic methods. Nevertheless, some difficulties still appear with intra- and interbasinal correlation of the BCB (e. g., continental/marine, nearshore-offshore, entry of biomarkers or Boreal/Tethys correlations).

Klíčová slova:
Bohemian Cretaceous Basin; palaeogeography; stratigraphy




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