Marek Goldbach, Tomáš Kuchovský


GIS can be useful tool in water protection management. Moravian Karst as the largest karst area in the Czech Republic and potential water source area has never been ed by any GIS multiparametre method to establish water vulnerability. Article describes preparation of input parameters, vulnerability calculation script and new view on interpretation of EPIK method. Most accurate data ever used bring new opportunities and require new interpretation which resulted into new vulnerability grading. Expectations that EPIK method will improve water sources protection zones were not meet, because assessment by EPIK method does not respect water flow direction and map cannot be fully used for complete protection of karts area.

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Goldbach, M., & Kuchovský, T. (2013). POSOUZENÍ ZRANITELNOSTI KRASOVÉHO KOLEKTORU V OBLASTI MORAVSKÉHO KRASU METODOU EPIK. Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku, 20(1-2). Získáno z https://journals.muni.cz/gvms/article/view/1570

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Moravian Karst, EPIK, GIS, water vulnerability

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