Východné rozšírenie a politika EÚ v oblasti energetiky: smerom ku spoločnej európskej energetickej politike?

Matúš Mišík


The paper analyses the development of the EU energy policy since the beginning of the European integration and argues that the eastern enlargement and two gas crises in 2006 and 2009 have crucially impacted its evolution. Originally, the ES/EU dealt primarily with the formation and liberalisation of internal energy market, however after 2004 the focus has shifted towards issues of energy security and external energy relations in general. The paper uses the spillover concept to analyse the development of the EU energy policy. It argues that the development of internal energy market was caused by a spillover from internal market as such, while the progress in the area of energy policy after the eastern enlargement was an outcome of efforts to achieve energy security; efforts that resulted in further spillover effects in areas such as diversification, external energy relations or efficiency. The paper thus claims that common European energy policy in its internal and external dimensions started to evolve gradually after the Eastern enlargement.

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Mišík, M. (2012). Východné rozšírenie a politika EÚ v oblasti energetiky: smerom ku spoločnej európskej energetickej politike?. Středoevropské politické studie, 14(4), 573-602. Získáno z https://journals.muni.cz/cepsr/article/view/4600

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European Union; Energy Security; Liberalization; Spillover; Eastern Enlargement; 2006 and 2009 Gas Crises;

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