Hrot kopí a české soukromé vojenské a bezpečnostní společnosti

Tomáš Šmíd


This article focuses on the phenomenon of privatization of security in the Czech Republic. The main goal is to sort selected private military and security companies from the Czech Republic along the categories provided by Peter W. Singer’s "tip of spear" concept, as well as by Carlos Ortiz’s classification of private military and security companies. The basic sources are self-presentations of selected companies, the Czech commercial register as well as other databases, and the author’s participant observation.

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Šmíd, T. (2012). Hrot kopí a české soukromé vojenské a bezpečnostní společnosti. Středoevropské politické studie, 14(4), 554-572. Získáno z

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Privatisation of security; private military and security companies; Czech Republic; security

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