Reforma britské obranné politiky v roce 2010: její příčiny a strategické důsledky

Petr Vilímek


In 2010, in the face of budgetary constraints, the British coalition government embarked upon a new review of strategy comprising a National Security Strategy and a Strategic Defence and Security Review. This article examines the 2010 strategy review (the NSS together with the SDSR) and the reasons for its publication, and aims to analyze continuity and change vis-à-vis Labour’s defence policy and to evaluate its implications for the United Kingdom’s future defence posture.

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Vilímek, P. (2011). Reforma britské obranné politiky v roce 2010: její příčiny a strategické důsledky. Středoevropské politické studie, 13(2–3), 159-188. Získáno z

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Defence policy; Defence spending; Expeditionary warfare; France; Special relationship; Strategic and Defence Security Review; Strategic Defence Review; Strategy; United Kingdom;

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