Plynová diplomacie Ruské federace

Petr Strejček


The usual interpretation of the European vector of Russian foreign policy in Czech periodicals and publications is typically focused on EU-Russian energy dialogue and criticism of the Russian Federation for not wishing to join European conventions (especially the Energy Charter) and for using Russia’s natural resources as a tool for furthering its foreign policy interests. Another focus is the energy strategy of European Union states, which are unable to present a unified response to the Kremlin. Commonly, texts devoted to the issue mostly ignore interpretations of the interests and arguments of the Russian Federation, or simplify the situation. The reality is certainly more colourful and more dimensional than the picture presented in such texts.

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Strejček, P. (2011). Plynová diplomacie Ruské federace. Středoevropské politické studie, 13(1), 24-46. Získáno z

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European Union; Gas industry; Interests; Kremlin; Natural gas; Pipelines; Policy; Reforms;

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