Slovak Parliamentary Elections 2006

Vladimír Pčolinský, Antónia Štensová


Development of a democratic system and market economy in the Slovak Republic has been going on for less than two decades. The same applies to the development of political marketing. Using the example of the Slovak Parliamentary Elections in 2006, we analyse the situation in the political market, voters’ political perceptions, the marketing activities of the political parties and candidates, main topics of election campaign, role of the media and election results. We also offer a short summary of key legislative changes which influenced the 2006 election campaign.

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Pčolinský, V., & Štensová, A. (2007). Slovak Parliamentary Elections 2006. Středoevropské politické studie, 9(2–3), 102-113. Získáno z

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Campaign expenditures; Campaign topics; Election legislation; Election results; Electronic media; Political marketing; Turnout; Voters’ political perceptions;

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