Berishovská a postberishovská Albánie: Případová studie defektního režimu

Stanislav Balík, Věra Stojarová


The article aims at characterization of the political system in Albania after the fall of the communist regime in 1991. The concepts of J. J. Linz are used. The text begins with the short description of the previous (communist) regime and with the character of the transition. The strong emphasis is given on the analysis of the several axes of non-democratic regimes: the limited pluralism, the mobilization, the ideology and the leadership. The authors conclude that it has been neither classical authoritarian nor totalitarian regime, but the regime, which is situated at the border of democracy and non-democracy and labelled by authors as a defect regime. With respect to unusual values of mobilization, the text operates with the classification mobilizational regime in ethnically divided society.

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Balík, S., & Stojarová, V. (2005). Berishovská a postberishovská Albánie: Případová studie defektního režimu. Středoevropské politické studie, 7(4), 366-388. Získáno z

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Albania; non-democratic regimes; pluralism; mentality-ideology; mobilization; leadership; Sali Berisha; Fatos Nano; Albanian ethnicities; defect regime; mobilizational regime in ethnically divided society;

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