Financovanie politických strán na Slovensku


Parties are essential components of a political system, since they provide access to the decision-making process for the citizens. In democratic society they have to execute some basic functions (e.g. interest aggregation, articulation and representation). For this they need material and financial resources. In the recent year funding of the parties must deal with growing expensiveness on the one hand, and on the other with bribery and corruption (which can seriously damage citizens’ confidence in the democratic system). Even the most democratic countries have from time to time problem with this unacceptable social phenomena. And it is more important to avoid it in transition countries and in so-called “new democracies” – as central and east European countries, where the democracy is not stabile enough. In this article we focus on the case of Slovakia. We try to outline party finances system and analyse financial resources structure. There are two main models of parties financing, one based on private finances and second based on public resources. Apart from serious defects in laws (still present in Slovak legislation), the main problem of parties financing in Slovakia is growing rate of public party subvention (what can negatively affect parties’ independence on the state) and reducing number of party subjects, which participate on it.

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political parties; funding of political parties; financial resources; public financing; private financing; Slovak republic; Slovak party system;
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Marián Belko

Absolvent magisterského studijního programu Politologie na Katedře politologie Fakulty sociálních studií a student magisterského studijního programu Hospodářská politika a správa na Ekonomicko-správní fakultě Masarykovy univerzity v Brně.

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