Rumunsko po prezidentských voľbách - boj proti korupcii je už realitou

Peter Kopecký


New President of Romania Traian Băsescu is strong-willed to fight corruption which is a potential threat of national security. Fighting corruption, Băsescu and new government must smash through the shield of interposed persons. Such persons are covering „white collars“ that are top-ranking businessmen or privatizers close to political parties. That is why new government and new President want to modify existing penal code and to widen criminal liability of involved persons and organized groups. Today’s politically motley Parliament wouldn’t be able to adopt such legal measures. In this case, President Băsescu, enjoying wide currency and making use of his accumulated electoral capital, will manifestly be leading the country to anticipated elections. By such a step he would provide current main coalition political parties (PD and PNL) with a comfortable majority in Parliament and with an appropriate milieu for adopting new penal code.

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Kopecký, P. (2005). Rumunsko po prezidentských voľbách - boj proti korupcii je už realitou. Středoevropské politické studie, 7(1), 95-101. Získáno z

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new president of Romania; fighting corruption; necessity of new penal code;

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