Identitary Polarisation, Violence and Terror: A Study on Ethnic Terrorism

Maxmilián Strmiska


The links between nationalism and nationalist or ethnic violence have been the topic of a large number of articles and studies that mostly conclude that such links not only exist, but also assume the form of an ”intimate relation”. The close relation between state nationalism and militarism, which has become a fact so many times proven by the history, is hard to ignore (cf. Letamendía 1990; Barša, Strmiska 1999). On the other hand, many scholars consider the deliberate use of violence as a characteristic constitutive feature of ”ethnic extremism” or radical anti-system (anti-government) neonationalism. Clearly enough, one has to do with a vast and complex problem area which cannot be briefly described using a single and easy to grasp schematic. Let me therefore restrict this article to some brief reflections concerning the role of violence and terrorism in the identitary mobilisation of the centre and the periphery, naturally without any claim for a comprehensive assessment of the issue.

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Strmiska, M. (2001). Identitary Polarisation, Violence and Terror: A Study on Ethnic Terrorism. Středoevropské politické studie, 3(3). Získáno z

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Identitary Polarisation; ethnic terrorism; terrorism; political extremism; extremism


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