Kaldor Mary, Vejvoda, Ivan: Democratisation in Central and Eastern Europe

Eva Sobotka


One of few can enjoy the pleasures of living in a time of transition to democracy and have the opportunity to comment on the development and raise critical questions about the future of the Central and Eastern Europe. Editors Kaldor and Vejvoda pose several such questions right at the beginning of their book: Do political systems within CEEC represent a particular variant of democracy that is specific to this part of the world? Is it possible to talk about a post-communist model sui generis that is influenced by the legacy of communism and at the same time by both the weaknesses and strengths of western democracy? Can we talk about an emergent concept of European Democratic Space [term introduced by editors] as a way of consolidating democracy in Central and Eastern European Countries and of reinvigorating democracy in Western Europe?

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Sobotka, E. (2000). Kaldor Mary, Vejvoda, Ivan: Democratisation in Central and Eastern Europe. Středoevropské politické studie, 2(3). Získáno z https://journals.muni.cz/cepsr/article/view/3834

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