The Macedonian Multipartism

Maxmilián Strmiska


Within the province of the study of the varied collection of party systems of the post-communist democracies a special position belongs to the research of the contemporary Macedonian multipartism. This is in particular conditioned by some really remarkable features of plurality and polarity of this party arrangement. The purpose of this brief paper is to point out these peculiarities of the Macedonian multi-party system. Therefore the primary endeavour of this contribution is not an integral description and an explanation of the genesis of the Macedonian multipartism, as such an ambitious task would, both by the phenomenalistic and the theoretical and methodological sides, reach above the research horizon chosen for this occasion. Among other things it would also require a somewhat diffent prefiguration of the research field. However this paper is aimed at least to a partial contribution to such description and explanation while it also endeavours - by means of a very interesting confrontation from the point of view of research with the particular features of the Macedonian party system - at the clarification or “testing” of the bearing and heuristic capacity of some concepts and methodological solutions the use of which is possible not only with an analysis and a type characteristic of the party system in the Macedonian context but also in a wider frame of political party systems in the post-communist democracies.

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