The Reliability Of Maximal Voluntary Contraction Testing Of Upper And Lower Body Limbs And Trunk On Isometric Dynamometer



The aim of this study was to assess the reliability of isometric strength measurement in flexion and extension in the chosen joints of upper and lower body extremities using the dynamometer Vishay Tedea-Huntleigh Model 1042. The measurements were conducted over two days with a rest period of forty-eight hours between sessions. Twenty sport students took part in the study (6 females, 25 ± 2,3 years; 14 males, 24,4 ± 2,7 years). The method used was the intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC) model (3,k) and Pearson´s r to assess the reliability. ICC of elbow flexion and extension was 0,92–0,96 (r =0,62–0,93), knee flexion and extension 0,91–0,95 (r = 0,87–0,92), trunk abduction and flexion were 0,85 and 0,75.

maximal isometric strength; reliability; intraclass correlation coefficient

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