Author Guidelines

Original manuscripts for the journal STUDIA SPORTIVA are submitted in English language only.

Authors are not required to send any payment for submitting an article.

There is no processing fee for reviews and publication of the reviewed article.

The manuscript needs to be submitted to the right section (the journal has three main ones) - kinesiology, social sciences or student section (further information can be found in the section ABOUT/POLICIES).

Email of the primary author (usually the individual uploading the submission) is used for all the communication, please make sure you added the correct contact information.

All manuscripts will be revised by two reviewers (students´  manuscripts are reviewed by one reviewer), and articles will be published on the basis of their favorable opinion. In the case of the contradicting opinion of the two reviewers, the article is passed for assessment to the third reviewer. The author will be immediately notified of the reviewers´ decision.

The author is responsible for language accuracy. Submitted papers will undergo editorial revision in the use of spelling, grammar, and stylistics. All changes in the text, however, must be approved by the author.

Manuscripts should be uploaded as editable documents formatted in RTF or DOC.



We accept papers with references cited using the APA citation format (Seventh Edition, 2019). You can see examples below (scroll lower).

We recommend using ZOTERO plugin/app where you can organise all the citation in a quick and simple manner You may choose the citation style you need and it is available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iOS.


Alongside articles, we accept high-quality Letters and Reviews.




Times New Roman font, size 12, line spacing 1. Align titles and paragraphs in a block.

All manuscripts need to use numbered line spacing. You will use this ass a guide for revised parts of the manuscript for better workflow of reviewers and editors.

Your manuscript won´t be accepted for consideration without numbered line spacing.

When uploading manuscript, please upload title page with: article title, authors names and affiliations, acknowlegements and contact information. Manuscript should ommit all the information provided in the title page - it means they need to be anonymous

Title Page Template

Research Article Template

Template for Other Than Research Article

In the papers, use the APA citation standard (useful links down below).

Title. Write a brief, informative title. Abbreviations should not be used in titles. It is important for literature retrieval to include in the title the keywords that identify the nature of the subject matter.

Authors and Affiliations. Authors are urged to include their full names, complete with first and middle names or initials. Academic degrees should not be included. The names and locations of institutions or companies should be given to all authors. For universities, faculties should be specified (no departments, units). If several institutions are listed in a manuscript, it should be indicated with which department and institution is each author affiliated by using corresponding superscript numbers.

Abstract. It is a summary of the main points, objectives and methods (approx. 1500 characters). Do not cite references in the abstract. Abbreviations should be kept to an absolute minimum; however, if they are needed, they must be explained at first mention within the abstract so that it can be understood as an independent unit from the remainder of the manuscript. 

Keywords. Provide 5 keywords identifying the subject of the manuscript.

Financial support (if applicable)


The introduction should provide a brief overview of the background and rationale for the study. 


Explanation of the experimental methods should be adequate for repetition by qualified researchers. Procedures that have been described in previous publications should not be described in detail but merely cited with appropriate references along with any modifications of the procedure. Any commercial products that are mentioned should include the name of the manufacturer.





Follow the main text of the article and usually contain acknowledgments of people and/or funding. In proof, it is set in 9/10 text with no heading. It can also contain present addresses of authors.


Contact Information


SENDING REVISIONS: Authors must send their revisions with a file of explanations for the corrections made to the manuscrips (based on reviewers comments). Please, use the numbered line spacing for easy flow and you may use a differenct for color to highlight corrected parts. You should also track changes in your manuscript, so editors and reviewers can have a proper view of modifications.

DO NOT upload revisions as a new sumbition.


Students can send contributions of exceptional quality at the recommendation of their supervisors work, or directly through their supervision, especially students of the doctoral program. Student articles should not exceed 10 standard pages. It must contain the designation STUDENT SECTION, the name of the supervisor work and study program of the author (s).

At the end of the paper, the author shall attach a statement that the article was not published elsewhere or offered at the same time to other periodicals or publishers, authors´ signature and names with academic titles, contact email, address, telephone number.

By submitting the paper, the authors give their consent to the publication in STUDIA SPORTIVA journal in its printed and electronic form, or its inclusion in electronic databases.

Articles that do not comply with these policies will not be reviewed.


References need to be cited in APA citation format.