Europeizace a evropské správní právo


The paper discusses about the relatively new phenomenon, called „European Administrative Law“. At first points out that in its content means the polysem. Therefore, in the article is attention devoted into different meanings of this term. All of them are detailed described. Of these different meaning prevails, sometimes simplistic, identification of the European Administrative Law as an Administrative Law of the European Union itself. Therefore is in the article namely described the phenomenon of Administrative Law of the European Union, as well as are also mentioned new issues of this field. At the same time the contribution paid attention to related term called „Europeanisation“, which is an input into the issues examined. But this issue is described from the wiev of the Administrative Law, not from the scope of the legal order itself. At the end the post tries to answer obvious question, whether, in the case of European Administrative Law goes „now“ at the (new) legal branch, or „still“ on specific scientific (and teaching) discipline. The conclusion and answer is that the European Administrative Law is not legal branch in such extent in which is usually understand, but it is a special way of influence of the European union and the Council of Europe.

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