Ohlédnutí nad pojmem „obchodní společnost“

Filip Záděra


This article deals with the term “commercial company”, possibilities of its definition and its refection from the Czech and EC Law perspective. In the Czech Republic the legal regulation of commercial companies, which are considered as legal persons (entities), differs from the regulation of other legal entities. This approach is given due to the fact that each commercial company is regarded as a businessman even though it is actually engaged in non profit activities. In other words to a commercial company is attributed “business status” regardless its actual activity. This approach supports also connection of used words “commercial” “company”, which represents a group or an entity formed for the purpose of running business (commerce). The overwhelming part of regulation of commercial companies is included in the Commercial Code and in case of supranational companies furthermore in EU regulations and special accompanying Acts adopted by each member state. Due to the aforementioned general definition or comprehension of the term “commercial company” can’t be found.

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