Použití metody EVA při nedostatku relevantních údajů u výpočtu škody

Karel Nedbálek


This paper is a synthesis of a broad, more than 100-page study of non-pecuniary damages, lost profits and hypothetical profit if the malefactor was active for a long period of time, for more than twenty years. The case established in the Slovak Republic, but certainly has a practical use in the Czech Republic and other countries as well as. In some segments of the study was not possible to calculate the real procedures to document and reconstruct the damages. Most absenting data were replaced by profitability statistics for individual years, if possible. If profitability data were not available, it is possible to appropriately supplement segment loss of profit, hypothetical profit by multiple methods. With certain simplifying assumptions, the method of EVA (Economic Value Added) calculate the profitability, and the hypothetical lost profits. This method is first published in the Slovak Republic and the Czech Republic in this manner. When compared to loss of profits, direct damage and the time of the case, should non-pecuniary satisfaction expressed in money to be qualified according to the author’s estimate of around 0.25% of the damage for each year of the activity of malefactor.

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