Ovplyvňovanie výsledkov športových zápasov novým trestným činom?

Michaela Machová


This contribution focuses on the match-fixing, which is currently considered a widespread negative phenomenon in sport. Punishing the match-fixing is possible through the internal rules of sports associations or non-criminal laws, and in the most serious cases can be applied a criminal law as an ultima ratio (means of last resort). The question arises whether the measures of sports associations are sufficient to suppress this negative phenomenon, or whether the existing offenses are insufficient to punish a crime in sport, or is it necessary to establish a new offense of match-fixing? In a country such as United Kingdom, there exists a particular offense of cheating at gambling, which can be applied to match-fixing. The European Union has a goal to establish and to unify a new offense of match-fixing in all member states. Currently, in the EU countries a frequently applying on the matter of match-fixing are offence of corruption and offence of fraud.

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MACHOVÁ, Michaela. Ovplyvňovanie výsledkov športových zápasov novým trestným činom? Časopis pro právní vědu a praxi. [Online]. 2015, č. 4, s. 420-428. [cit. 2020-08-06]. Dostupné z: https://journals.muni.cz/cpvp/article/view/5282

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