Open Government, e-Government and the Imporatnce of The Right to Information Monitoring


 This article deals especially with the connection between good governance
approach and the right to information legislation. Legislative anchorage of the right
to access information is considered to be an important prerequisite of many other
principles fulfilment. Only the anchorage of the right to information within the
legislation is not sufficient however. The level of law realization and related activity
is much more important. It is also linked to the electronization of administrative
activities where provision of information is often understand as one of the basic
level of online administrative sophistication. Problems that may emerge are
relevant for both of the forms of information dissemination - the paper-like or the
electronic practice. This may be forgotten by the side of public administration, the
legislature or by the side of citizenry. The perfect legal framework for the freedom of
information may be created, however its effectiveness may be zero or negligible.
Therefore the monitoring of the right to information is of crucial importance.

p. 215–228




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