A Global Perspective on the Protection of Privacy and Related Human Rights in Countering the Use of Internet for Terrorist Purposes


The present study provides a “global” perspective on the protection of privacy in the fight against the use of Internet for terrorist purposes. The paper reiterates the fact that in countering terrorism, the right to privacy is often challenged by the right to security. Its main objective is twofold: firstly, to put forward the importance that the right to privacy represents for all democratic societies obeying the rule of law and, secondly, to show that security is an important right that has also been lately challenged due to the advancements in technology, which have been abused for terrorist purposes. The paper advocates for the implementation of a coherent international framework, with clear and efficient norms, which would enable States to apply equal standards in the investigation of Internet-related matters and which would ensure the respect of privacy and correlated human rights, while providing an efficient setting for cooperation between States and organisations.

p. 401–422




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