Victimized Children in Cyberspace through Pornography


Protection of children as a vulnerable and clean stratum has always been a global concern. Today, in addition to the classic crimes such as child abuse, involving children in panhandling by adults etc. in the actual space the attention should be concentrated on similar activities in the virtual space called ‘cyberspace’. Children’s curiosity, lack of proper supervision by the parents and lack of efficient website filters has provided a good chance for the moral criminals for hunting children through websites, chartrooms and emails. One of the most important crimes, which is committed against children in cyberspace, is child pornography.  In fact, any kind of sound or picture or movie which shows people or children being raped or sexually abused and exposing sexual organs is used for arousal and promotion of sexual activity in children. To investigate the aspects of moral and physical child abuse through pornography in cyberspace and offering solutions for preventing this inhuman action and protecting these innocent angels.

p. 241–266




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