Selected Intellectual Property Issues and PSI Re-use


Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) interfere with Public Sector Information (PSI) access and re-use. Therefore the PSI covered by IPRs needs to be identified and the management of IPRs needs to be analyzed for exploring different policy options in the area and possible legislative amendments. In particular the issue for which LAPSI’s contribution is sought can be described as follows: “How can PSI re-use be fully enhanced without creating any prejudice to existing IPRs? What are the IPRs best practices of management for fostering the re-use? Who would decide in practice on the best practices (Member States, public sector bodies…)?”. Accordingly, the analysis presented here specifically focuses on the interfaces between PSI and IPRs, with particular attention to PSI covered by IPRs which belong to PSBs. As to the exercise of PSI covered by IPRs, more exhaustive hints can be found in both the LAPSI position paper and conceptual framework on licenses.