Conclusive Evidence of Hended Information


On 1st November 2009, the Payment Systems Act no. 284/2009 Coll. came into operation. This new act recodified the former, historically first rule governing payment systems and services since 2003. New legal regulation reflects especially the Directive of European Parliament and Council of the European Union no. 2007/94/EC, about payment services in the internal market. The new law describes some new terms and concepts, e.g. payment service, payment institution, payment account, electronic money institution and the others. If payment services are now being provided, there is a necessity that mutual contractual relation between a payment service provider and their clients must be concluded either according to Basic Contract, or, if occasional transfer made, based on Single Payment Transaction Agreement. The act also very strong reflects the provider’s obligation to fulfill final customers with all the information. In order to this information transparency to be legally regulated, the Act implemented two basic forms of presenting this information, i.e. be obliged to provide this information or make this information available. Payment services are such bank products that are expected to be provided electronically. Thus, any electronic banking system could better contribute to the fact that all the information have been evidently provided or made accessible by the payment services provider. 

p. 255–259




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