Buzzword 2.0 - The (R)evolution of the Web


The term Web 2.0 is a phenomenon of last few years.
    Every now and then you can hear or read about it. It is said that we are experiencing a revolution. That the Internet is changing and we are in the new era. Socialnetworks, sharing, collaboration, cooperation – these are just few of keywords we can hear together with Web 2.0. But is it really true? Can we really see the difference? 
    Personally, I don't think so. For me, the development of the Internet is like a continuous evolution, not a revolution. Web 2.0 is just hype, just a marketing termto attract new customers. It is dangerous because it is a lie – like a false advertising. In addition, we can hear about Web 3.0 or even Web 4.0. This trend is almost malicious, because it is only spreading more confusion. Well known sharing serviceslike YouTube or Flickr are really interesting, but they don't mean Web 2.0 – in thesame way as e.g. an automatic transmission in car doesn't mean Transport 2.0.
    So this paper is about the Internet and about Web 2.0. Or to be precise: it is about Buzzword 2.0 – the hype so big that it can be perceived as a new version of anordinary buzzword. Because what we can see is not a next generation of Web, but just a next generation of hype or marketing.

p. 177–187




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