Child Pornography on the Internet in


Internet is a new space for illegal behaviour which is especially dangerous for children.
One of the reasons is that communication by the Net is an easier way how to find potential child victims for producing pornographic materials.
Beside this fact there is fight against distributors of child pornography and Internet users possessing child pornographic shows.
There is the Convention on Cybercrime from 2001 concerning offences related to child pornography.
The EU focuses on prosecution commercial sexual abuse of children.
In 1997 the Joint Action was adopted to combat trafficking in human beings and sexual exploitation of children.
Having regard to the initiative of the Republic of Austria from 1999 the Council of the EU decided on operations against child pornography on the Internet.
The Joint Action was cancelled by council framework decision on combating the sexual exploitation of children and child pornography in 2003. The aim of it was the unification of member states legal regulations in the discussed area. The states should have adopted offences concerning sexual exploitation of children and child pornography. Even there was demand on member states to apply measures by 20th January 2006.
Nowadays the criminal legal regulations of the EU states in the middle of Europe – the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and the Republic of Hungary – is
quite similar. 

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