Flat Fee Music


The rigid recording industry is falling apart trying to stop the “digital music (r)evolution” by any means possible. The music industry itself is flourishing. Music is being spread easily, at low cost, at no time within the globally networked community via the Internet. Unluckily for the passionate music lover, current business models and legal regulations are not following the state of affairs.
But the time has come to accept these simple facts. The main issue now should be setting up an adequate business and legal framework for these activities of music users and what’s most important – monetizing of them.
Flat fee music offers an alternative business model, which is reflecting the current reality. According to this concept, every registered user would have access to digital music for a small monthly flat fee – much like commonly known fees for internet access, TV or radio. Royalties should be then divided according to the actual use of copyrighted works.
The main aim of the paper is to introduce the basic foundations of this visionary concept of music distribution. Furthermore, its consequences, specifically a possible development towards an alternative compensation scheme and corresponding change in licensing policies, should be discussed.

p. 75–82




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