The Possibility of Online Mediation under the Hungarian Mediation Act


  The first question which has to be discussed is the definition of online dispute
resolution and, the definition of online mediation, and we would like to show the
features (advantages and disadvantages) of online mediation.
  The presentation focuses on the Hungarian legal background. We’re going to
analyse whether online mediation can be conducted in the frame of the existing
Hungarian law on mediation, or not, how should the existing principles be
interpreted in online environment, and – finally – what are the crucial points of the
existing rules, which should be amended to ensure, that online mediation can be
conducted under the law of mediation in Hungary. We shall examine the relevant
provisions of the Hungarian Mediation Act from two angles. First of all, we shall
examine the provisions referring to the possibility of online mediation, and, secondly,
(where possible) we shall compare the provisions with a number of European
documents on mediation.

p. 129–140




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