Microbiome of abandoned soils of former agricultural cryogenic ecosystems of central part of Yamal region



Microbial activity plays a crucial role in the development and formation of soil properties. The active and abandoned agricultural soils in the Arctic zone represent a valuable resource that can play a crucial role in providing food security in the northern regions. The reuse of abandoned land for agriculture will reduce environmental risks in the context of a changing climate. Therefore, there is a need for monitoring studies to assess changes in soil parameters after long-term abandonment (taxonomic diversity, agrochemical and physico-chemical qualities). In the study, we evaluated the taxonomic diversity of the microbiome in abandoned (postagrogenic) and pristine soils of the Central part of the Yamal region. In the process of taxonomic analysis, more than 30 different bacterial and archaeal phyla were identified. The formation of a specific microbiome associated with anthropogenic influence in post-agrogenic sites has been shown. Most common types of soil microorganisms in samples collected from pristine and postagrogenic soils were Firmicutes (average 26.86%), Proteobacteria (average 23.41%), and Actinobacteria (average 15.45%). Firmicutes phylum was found mainly in the agrocenoses soils, Proteobacteria were mainly described in the mature tundra soils, Actinobacteria in humid conditions. An increase in diversity indices in postagrogenic soils was shown.

soils; Arctic; metagenomics; 16S rRNA Sequencing

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