Application of the Double Diamond framework to prepare the communication strategy of a great sports event

Michal Jilka


Any sports event is characterized by the process of planning, organization and implementation and evaluation itself. This system applies to both single and repetitive, small or larger sports events. The planning process itself applies to all components – sports, technical, financial, process-law, and marketing communications.

There are several marketing communication goals, but they all focus on end-users, fans, their desires, needs and interests in each sporting event. To maximize the benefits of marketing communications, careful preparation and a creative concept in the editorial plan must be prepared.

Different procedures are used to prepare the communication strategy. This article aims to introduce the universal Double Diamond framework, which was used to prepare the communication strategy on the web and social medias for the World Cup in biathlon in Nové Město na Moravě held from December 20 to December 23, 2018, to familiarize with the possibilities of using social tools networks and to present the results achieved with these instruments.

This study describes the framework theoretically and then shows possible practical outputs from the whole process.


sport; sports event; fans; biathlon; marketing; marketing communication; communication strategy; double diamond

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