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Call for Papers: Research on school discipline

The editors of Pedagogická orientace / Journal of the Czech Pedagogical Society would like to invite authors to contribute to the English special issue 4/2018 entitled Research on school discipline.

Safe and disciplined school environment is one of the key issues of contemporary educational system which continuously attracts the attention of both teachers and wider public. The changing social context of schooling and gradual professionalization of educational staff (not only teachers but also teacher assistants etc.) increases the importance of both theoretical and empirical research on school discipline. The aim of this special issue is to introduce a selection of theoretical and empirical studies on school discipline to international educational research community and, by doing so, evidence the participation of educational sciences on resolving one of the major problems of educational praxis.

The special issue dedicated to school discipline aims to address:

• Methodological approaches to the study of school discipline, school discipline measurement

• Prevention and intervention in schools – programs and approaches aiming to improve school discipline and their effectiveness

• Research on school discipline in different countries

• Interdisciplinary perspective on school discipline – philosophical, ethical, religious, biological, psychological, sociological, and other aspects of discipline

• School discipline in the context of contemporary alternative educational approaches Papers concerning the issue of school discipline from different perspectives (from theoretical to empirical) and based especially upon multidisciplinary approaches are welcome.

The timeframe is as follows:

• Abstracts in English language (1–2 pages long) are to be sent by 15th May 2018 to hana.vonkova@pedf.cuni.cz. Please state the following: author/s and the name of the paper, type of the paper (article – 20–30 pages; discussion paper or essay – 10–15 pages), aim and content of the paper.

• The abstracts will be reviewed by the editors of the issue and the authors will be notified by 30th May 2018.

• The papers are to be submitted by 30th September 2018.

• The papers will then be subject to double-blind peer review. The authors will be notified about the results and asked for changes to their papers by 30th November 2018.

• The issue then will go through editorial and type-setting process.

Guest editors: Stanislav BENDL (Charles University in Prague) and Hana VOŇKOVÁ (Charles University in Prague).