Dilemma and Approaches of Intellectual Property Rights in the Integration of Industrialisation and Informatisation in China


As a new type of economic and social development model, integration of the industrialization and informatisation (The Integration) has given rise to broad attention in China. China has formulated a development strategy for the integration, that is “Developing modern industry system, vigorously promoting the integration of the information technology and industrialization”. 
   However, we may ask: what’s the integration? At the moment there’s no general consensus on this topic in the theoretic fields in China. We observe that the current focuses are mainly zoomed in the macro-aspect in exploring the path of the integration, its feasibility and other related issues. 
   In our view, and we are afraid that this macro approach may lose sight of the problems of property rights in the integration process. In fact, the industrialization and the informatisation have their own unique attributes, and they form different property rights structures. 
   This thesis focuses on the property rights structure, and then explores the IP dilemmas in the integration process in China. Finally, we propose some specific approaches to resolve issues arisen from the process, such as the establishment of legal mechanisms of property rights, innovation and licensing mechanisms, information security mechanisms, etc.

p. 227–239




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