Electronic Document Storage – Legal, Technical and Economic Aspects

Libor Kyncl


The purpose of this text is to explain contemporary problems of electronic document storage inside the e-government and e-justice in the Czech Republic. Main part of our paper is dedicated to documents, internal documents, legal documents and to ways of their regulation by the Czech law. There will be additional analysis about documents in paper form, their disadvantages and life situations they are used by Czech state power bodies in. In contrary, we will consider assets and risks of dematerialized documents which are digital documents having no material form. One document may be in paper and digital form at the same time. We consider that to be current important opportunity for the public administration and justice. In later parts of the paper we will focus on assets, risks and on creator or creators of the documents. There will also be mentioned foreign experience in this area. Substantial part is to analyze areas where we use dematerialized documents in the present legal state. Czech law system already have legal institutes connected with electronic documents and their storage, for example electronic mark and digital signature. We will also attend to perspectives of legal regulation into the future.

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