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Official partner - Czech Republic

ROWAN LEGAL, advokátní kancelář s.r.o. (

ROWAN LEGAL is an international law firm and provides legal consultancy services to both public and private entities. ROWAN LEGAL specialises in ICT law, dispute resolution, public procurement, investment projects, transactional law and corporate law. From the very beginning ROWAN LEGAL has specialised in various legal aspects of the ICT sector, such as the implementation of information systems, software law, e-commerce, electronic communications, outsourcing or cloud computing. With more than 20 lawyers engaged in ICT law, ROWAN LEGAL has one of the largest ICT focused practices in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Many members of the team regularly give presentations at professional conferences; they also frequently publish articles and books on the legal aspects of ICT. With the recent expansion of cloud computing, ROWAN LEGAL has participated in developing standard terms and conditions for cloud computing services on behalf of major IT companies in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

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