Lubomír Maštera, Helena Gilíková, Jiří Otava


Isolated outcrops of Lower Carboniferous (Culmian) greywackes and conglomerates exposed 30 km to the SW from Brno are described. The lithological study included thin section petrology of greywackes and fine-grained conglomerates (Fig. 1 and 2), mineralogy of translucent heavy fraction and chemistry of detrital garnets. The most important and best exposed part of the old quarry in Hostěradice has been described and drawn. (Authors thank dr. Porebski for cooperation during the field work). Petrofacial analysis indicates deposition in foreland and/or remnant basin sourced by detritus from island arcs and from older sediments deposited on continental crust. Generally the composition of greywackes at the three studied localities differs from those of t he Drahany Culm. Nevertheless the comparison of thin sections and heavy mineral assemblages with the main part of the Drahany Culm indicates much higher affinity to the oldest (western) part of the basin (Protivanov formation), than to the youngest Myslejovice formation.

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Maštera, L., Gilíková, H., & Otava, J. (2016). SPODNOKARBONSKÉ DROBY A SLEPENCE MEZI HOSTĚRADICEMI A KADOVEM (JZ. OD BRNA). Geologické výzkumy na Moravě a ve Slezsku, 7. Získáno z https://journals.muni.cz/gvms/article/view/5109

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Culmian; greywackes; conglomerates; foreland and remnant basin

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