Determination and Verification of the Key Assessment Indicators for the Insurance Market by Applying the Decomposition Multi-attribute Methods and Regression Analysis

Martina Borovcová, Adéla Špačková


The aim of the article is to determine and verify the key assessment indicators for the insurance market by applying the decomposition multi-attribute methods and regression analysis. The assessed specific indicators are qualitative indicators (insurance penetration, claim ratio) and quantitative indicators (gross premium, insurance benefit, number of insurance contracts, number of settled insurance claims, number of employees, number of commercial insurance companies, concentration of the insurance market, and more). The decomposition multi-criteria AHP method (analytic hierarchy process) and ANP method (analytic network process) based on the Saaty pair comparison approach are described, including the computation procedure. The described methods are then applied to determine the preferences of the indicators for the insurance market. Subsequently, a particular regression model is created. Our findings reveal the resulting preferences of individual indicators of the insurance market evaluation and key assessment indicators.

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Borovcová, M. and Špačková, A. (2019). Determination and Verification of the Key Assessment Indicators for the Insurance Market by Applying the Decomposition Multi-attribute Methods and Regression Analysis. Financial Assets and Investing, 10(1), pp. 5-24.


insurance market; key assessment indicators for the insurance market; multi-attribute decomposition methods; analytic hierarchy process; regression analysis

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