Discourse and Interaction – Special Issue Call

Specialised discourse

Specialised discourse is shaped by the discursive practices of professional discourse communities which share a culturally defined kind of specialized group knowledge.

This special issue will comprise primarily papers presented within the Specialised discourse: Where from and whereto? at the ESSE 2018 conference in Brno but we will be happy to accept further submissions on this topic.

We welcome contributions exploring the generic structure, rhetorical conventions and language practices of various specialized discourses, as well as the emergence of new forms and conventions under the influence of the use of English as the international language of professional communication and the spread on new communication technologies. Thus this issue will attempt to map the specific features of specialized discourses and to understand the reasons for similarities and differences in the way specialized discourses vary across genres, disciplines and cultures.

The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2019.