Internacionalizace slovnı́zásoby v české sportovní terminologii z diachronnı́ho a synchronnı́ho hlediska

Gabriela Entlová


The present paper focuses on the contemporary state of Czech sports terminology in the Czech language from the diachronic and synchronic points of view. It outlines how the currently used borrowings function in the Czech sports vernacular and their level of adaptation to the Czech orthographic, phonological and morphological systems to show how these lexical items are being adapted to the Czech language on different levels and from different source languages. For precise exemplification, the vocabulary under investigation was collected from the author’s dissertation as well as from other sources, e.g. print journalistic papers and online websites. To support the topic, the introductory passages include some general notes on borrowings and Anglicisms in Czech, as well as on history of sport.

Klíčová slova

adaptation; Anglicism; borrowing; diachronic; loanword; morphological; phonological; orthographic; sport; synchronic; terminology; vernacular

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